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    Главная » 2011 » Октябрь » 24 » Pcsx4all запущен на Motorola Rokr E2!
    Pcsx4all запущен на Motorola Rokr E2!

    Наш южноамериканский друг NestorM снял небольшой видеоролик, показывающий процесс запуска и работы эмулятора Pcsx4all на Motorola Rokr E2. Как мы можем видеть из данного ролика, скорость работы оставляет желать лучшего. Но радует сам факт запуска и возможности. Если над эмулятором для EzX займутся серьёзные люди, возможно выйдет кое-что рабочее и быстрое.

    За новостями следите в этой теме на M3:
    Thread (На испанском)
    Просмотров: 696 | Добавил: EXL | Рейтинг: 0.0/0
    Всего комментариев: 14
    1 Kyo  
    Can You port n64 emulator for Z6? Please *-*

    2 EXL  
    It will be very slow.

    3 Kyo  
    You can get 50% speed?

    4 EXL  
    Maybe, if it works recompiler.

    5 Kyo  
    There is an emulator for the Dingoo FBA, is a FBA320, is that you can not bear to Z6? eZxFBa has keycrash and restarts after use

    6 EXL  
    I'll see what can be done, but because FBA320 video output from the SDL, it will be slower than eZxFBA.

    7 Kyo  
    Sorry if I'm asking too much: (. A modern emulator MAME games also would be nice to emulate games like this: there is a pc http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJ1FRmK_AaA called Model 2, http://nebula.emulatronia.com /

    8 EXL  
    This emulator is open source?

    9 Kyo  
    I Don't Know, i will search for the source. You need the source right?

    10 EXL  
    Of course. There can not exist without the source port.

    11 Kyo  
    This emulator isn't open source, but there is an emulator for the nintendo 64 open source called daedalus for psp, Maybe you can port this. http://sourceforge.net/projects/daedalus-n64/

    12 EXL  
    Unfortunately, no. It's impossible. We can be ported only those emulators which is used as a blitter SDL. The rest will not work.

    13 jr.hard  
    EXL Good afternoon!
    What is really needed for the emulator to run quickly?

    There is no possibility of increasing the speed of it?
    You know the JeanCFF? he was willing to help with the project.

    14 EXL  
    Hi. In this thread
    I've been giving tips to increase performance.

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